ALVAN IKOKU FEDERAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, OWERRI IN AFFILIATION WITH UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA Faculty: Education School: Arts Course Code: LIN 241 Academic Year: 2022/2023 Department: Linguistics and Nigerian Languages Course Title: Introduction to lgbo Phonology Semester: First Time: Two hours Instruction: Answer question number 1 and any other 3

1. Write short notes on the following:
a. Phonetics
b. Phonology
c. Articulators
2a. What do you understand by the term Air stream mechanism?
b. Explain the three air stream mechanisms that you know.
3. With adequate examples/illustrations, discuss the 3 basic principles for establishing significant sounds in a language.
4.What are the 3 systems of body organs that work together in speech production.
5. Explore the world of Phonation using the two specific states of the glottis for your illustration.
6a. What are vowel sounds?
b. Give with illustrations at least their four qualities and four